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Local knowledge and regional opportunity informed by a global view.

Global, regional, then local. The digital asset sector is making resource allocations. Prioritizing jurisdictions that meaningfully deliver commercial and strategic outcomes. Australia’s relevance and growth in the region is contingent on the development of a combination of market opportunity and strategic regulatory importance.

Steve Vallas

Managing Director


Industry Leadership

Communities require foundations.

Blockchain development and uptake will require the support of people across the business stack.

Subject matter experts. Leaders who identify trends and lead change across industry and within their own organisations. Directly and indirectly, participating in the technology development.

23rd & 24th November 2023

[Crypto Assembly]

It’s OK to say crypto.

The cryptocurrency headlines have written themselves for the past 12 months and defensive narratives dominate discourse. The economic opportunity? Lost in buzzword translation.

Traditional finance inches purposefully forward towards regulatory clarity where they will meet the innovators in the sector. Business builders need a chance to be heard.

It’s time they assembled.

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Building bridges starts with introductions. If you’d like to arrange a meeting, please contact us.

4th – 7th September 2023

[Hong Kong]

Following on from the success of the Digital Asset Conference in Sydney in July, we embarked on a post-conference trip to Hong Kong in September. 4 days, 30 conversations. Connecting the regulatory dots in the APAC region.

We met with representatives from family offices, capital allocators, game developers, associations, exchanges, digital asset platforms, banks, startup hubs, lawyers, consultants & acadmics. 

The message from Hong Kong was loud and clear. They seek to be a digital asset and web3 hub and are developing regulatory frameworks and licensing regimes in order to do so.

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25th – 27th July 2023

[Digital Asset Conference]

The Digital Asset Conference was a curated, invite only event developed to make an impact by expanding the local narrative. Embracing principles of technology neutrality, balancing the need for consumer protections and emboldening industry to build next generation infrastructure. 

Tuesday 25th July 2023

[Venture to Breakfast]

Against the backdrop of macro headwinds, regulatory uncertainty and talent is Australia an attractive destination for capital?

Tuesday 25th July 2023


Long form discussions deliberately structured to develop practical outcomes for both public and private sector organisations.

Wednesday 26th July 2023

[DA] Room

A unique format that allows scene setting panelists to draw from the insights of the delegates who will represent all corners of the digital asset sector.

Thursday 27th July 2023

[DA Gala Evening]

A 3 course dinner in a beautiful environment that affords delegates and participants a chance to build meaningful relationships.

Previous Activations

Consultations, roundtables, facilitated meetings. A globe trotting exercise in establishing the APAC region as a place of innovation & advising on the current regulatory landscape.

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