Building Blockchain Capability

Bringing together the best in Blockchain. Fostering collaborations and advocating for adoption

What is Blockchain APAC?


Brought together with the aim of advancing, developing and delivering on the promise of Blockchain technology. Supported by Government, Industry and the Startup community.

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We recognise the need to re-write business rules collaboratively. To work with business processes and regulatory frameworks to deliver better systems and better outcomes.

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A decentralised network of value. People, stories and projects. Linked together with the common purpose of advancing growth in the Blockchain sector. Striving collectively to develop an ecosystem.

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Why Blockchain?

The world is changing.

Web 1.0 and web 2.0 happened in plain sight and many missed the opportunities this transformation presented. Web 3.0 will redefine how we communicate, how we share information and how commerce works. The fourth industrial revolution has begun.

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Rapid change is compelling governments to drive digital transformation. Those that move quickly will create opportunities and protections for citizens. This process requires measured and forward thinking regulatory frameworks and guidance.

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A brave new world in education. Fluid course curriculums, creating centres of adaptive and agile learning. Blockchain technology will allow institutions to re-imagine training delivery and the monitoring and measurement of educational outcomes.

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Supply Chain

Data passing between points. Impact your business supply chain from process commencement to completion. Removing friction points and improving efficiency through the integration of smart contracts, IoT and provenance protocols.

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A revolution is coming. Reshaping the way businesses transact. Disrupting payment providers and merchant services. The real time delivery of both payment and information will allow incumbents and disruptors alike to connect need to opportunity.

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A fundamental right. Fundamentally altered. The definition of sovereign identity is being challenged and changed for the first time. Removing the need for Government to be the sole arbiter of what defines a person and the how that information is communicated.

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The development of the web has enabled malicious actors.The development of web 3.0 will enable greater anonymised communication and data sharing. Allowing business to share real time attack information and crowd source protections.

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Meet the

Industry Leaders

Communities require foundations. Blockchain development and uptake will require the support of people across the business stack. Subject matter experts. Leaders who identify trends and lead change across industry and within their own organisations. Directly and indirectly participating in the technology development.

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The Australian Blockchain Community can only thrive if we share its stories. Blockchain initiatives from inception to production. Giving confidence to those who are capable of making decisions that encourage development of this technology.

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Events & Meetups

Don’t be the last business to grasp the opportunity that enterprise blockchain solutions can create. It’s time to start the conversation, to identify your cohort and to grow your network. Embrace the technology.

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It’s time to connect. Reach out and tell us your story. Give us insight into your product, the role you play, or seek to play in the development of the Blockchain ecosystem in Australia.

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