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Global, regional, then local. The digital asset sector is making resource allocations. Prioritizing jurisdictions that meaningfully deliver commercial and strategic outcomes. Australia’s relevance and growth in the region is contingent on the development of a combination of market opportunity and strategic regulatory importance.

Steve Vallas

Managing Director

Consensus 2024

Incite Consulting x BlockchainAPAC
Consens[us] 2024

Let’s go to Consens[US] 🇺🇸 in Austin Texas together.

The mission is simple. Meaningful connections.

In collaboration with Amanda Wick and Incite Consulting LLC, we’re heading to Consensus in Austin. The conference is taking place from May 29th to May 31st 2024.

Are you interested in joining us?


Global conversations,

delivered locally.

Consensus 2024

Austin, TX
May 29th – May 31st 2024

Trendline Launch

Sydney, NSW
June 2024

Point Zero Forum

Zurich, Switzerland
July 1st – July 3rd 2024

[DA] List

Sydney, NSW
July 2024

23RD & 24TH NOVEMBER 2023

[Policy Week]

Policy Week brought together over 650+ attendees, spur thousands of conversations and tightly bind industry relationships. Inviting deep domain experience from 30+ international colleagues.

Highlights included a policy summit, welcome reception, 15 roundtables and a series of intimate networking events.

The regulatory horizon has appeared. An opportunity remains present to influence sector boundaries and establish or reimagine how industry impacts the narrative.

January 2024 – March 2024

What happened in Q1.

Singapore Trip 2024

Monday January 28th to Friday February 2nd

New Zealand Cohort Visit

Tuesday February 13th to Friday February 16th

DeFi Retreat + Japan Fintech Festival

Sunday March 3rd to Friday March 8th

Policy Week Sydney

Monday March 18th to Friday March 22nd

What we do

Previous Activations

Consultations, roundtables, facilitated meetings.

A globe trotting exercise in establishing the APAC region as a place of innovation & advising on the current regulatory landscape.

A to [NZ]

A to [NZ]

20th March 2023 – 25th March 2023

Talking digital assets.
5 days • 30+ meetings


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